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George J. Gioiella - (joy-ella)   

Property & Building Consulting Services & Carolina Educational Seminars 


 A responsible, ethical and independent self-starter with extensive managerial background, a methodical problem-solver who recognizes difficulties and acts upon them creatively and aggressively. Excellent rapport with people.

George's Personal Mission Statement

"All things should be subject to you, not you to them. You should be lord and master of your own actions. You are to be a free and true person going on to the destiny and freedom of the sons and daughters of God. Such people stand above present things and look toward eternal ones. With the left eye they see passing things. They are not attracted to the things of this world so that they cling to them, but instead use them as intended by God, the Supreme Artist, who has left nothing without purpose in his creation". Thomas 'a Kempis

  Current Activities

Independent Consultant/Inspector for the U.S. Department of HUD/FHA Section 203(k) 1-4 Family Rehabilitation Loan - Atlanta HOC ID No. A0408 

  • Writing

  • Music

  • Fishing

  • Gardening

  • Carolina Educational Seminars - Proprietor - Property Acquisition Educational Course Development and Instruction

Other Experience   

  • North Carolina Home Inspector - License #998  - Home Inspection in New York 1982 - 96 and North Carolina /Active 1998 - 2010 Inactive Status 2011-2013 (Retired)

  • Guardian Residential Inspection Program / Developer/ Proprietor 2002 - 2010 (Retired)

  • North Carolina Home Inspector Licensure Board Qualified Update and Elective Course Sponsor and Instructor 1999-2007

  • Master Certified Remediator - Environmental Education Foundation (Retired)

  • Member National Fire Protection Association (Retired)

  • Residential and Commercial Design & Consulting

  • F&L Construction & Restaurant Supply Corp.  - Hudson, NY  - Commercial and Residential Construction - Commercial Kitchen Exhaust System Design and Installation - Proprietor 

  • A. Salerno Realty Corp./Rock City Contracting & Supply Corp. -  Rhinebeck, NY - Consultant - Financial/Property Acquisition/Rehabilitation and Remodeling  

  • Fran-Lor Development - Proprietor - Business and Construction Management Consulting 

  • Gioiella's Restaurant - Haines Falls/Hunter, NY

  • Bucci's Restaurant  - Hudson, NY Favorable mention in NY Magazine and The New Yorker

Financial Career - Wall Street

  • Goldman Sach’s & Co., Black & Co., Schweikart & Co. - 1964 / 1972

  • Held various positions in the Investment Banking/Securities industry, achieving the distinction of becoming the youngest Securities Cashier on Wall Street 


  • Cardinal Hayes High School - New York City 

  • Fordham College, City University of New York / Bernard Baruch School of Business,  Pace College - Liberal Arts, Business, Accounting, Securities Law & Practices  (Non-Degree Program 1964/72) RCA Institute of Technology, (Electronics and computer science) 

 Military Service: US Army - Honorable Discharge      








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