George Michaels Gioiella - (joy-ella)

Early 1950's 

Older brother Michael (Left) 1941-1969 Deceased

George (Right) Absolutely adorable or what? 


George - Age 13 June 1960 

What a Bronx attitude, "Ya want me to kick you a** or what?' Also harmonizing in the boys bathroom and just about anywhere we could!

June 1961 - Age 14

George's forms his first band The Top Hats

Club Date in The Bronx

Guitar: Vinnie Zinck, Drums: George Michaels, Piano: Ray Gabriele, Trumpet: Paul Piteo



Mountain Top Inn, Catskill, NY - Summer 1961

The Top Hats - enjoying a sunny day! We spent several great summer's at Mountain Top.


Trinchi's Restaurant & Catering/The Starting Gate Lounge - Yonkers, NY

George Michaels House Band/Drums, Vocals, Studio Recording (Roulette Records and independent producers) with the Ray Allen Trio


The George Michaels Trio

Hunter, NY

Bob DiTota on the bass, Ray Gabriele on the piano, (not visible) and George Michaels 




The George Michaels Trio

Hunter, NY

Bob DiTota on the bass, Ray Gabriele on the piano and George Michaels 


George Michaels

1984 Fountainbleau - New Rochelle, NY


George Michaels performing with the house band.

1980-87 Bucci's Restaurant

Hudson, NY (Columbia County)

Making some sweet music - Tony Marcopoto (Mr. Mellow) on clarinet, Bob DiTota on bass and yours truly GM on guitar.

  George relaxing on his way to....Goin' fishin' instead of just wishin'

George Michaels Gioiella - (joy-ella)

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